Get the facts about the COVID-19 quarantine

COVID-19 has similar severity as the flu

CDC admits COVID-19 hospitalization rates similar to flu

See the data directly from the CDC reports

"COVID Deaths" Are Not Accurate

Doctor explains misleading COVID reporting criteria in interview with Fox News

California doctors urge reopening

California doctors reveal coronavirus is not more severe than flu after conducting thousands of tests; question lockdown motives in interview with ABC News (

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WHO Corruption

Analysis of WHO Corruption

The leader of the WHO is not a medical doctor. He praises China on corona despite their coverup and that's just the beginning...

WHO Director Tedros Adhanom was a top member in a terrorist group in Ethiopia

As reported by Fox News, WHO director Tedros Adhanom was a key part of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, a designated terrorist group.

WHO calls for the "dignified" removal of people from their homes!

The WHO is effectively running the world right now. See the horrific things they're suggesting.

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The Orwellian projects that call Bill Gates' motivations into question


A review of Bill Gates’ current patents, pet projects, and interviews paints a disturbing picture – much different than that of a selfless philanthropist trying to improve world health. See his projects for yourself – directly from his websites, mainstream news sources, and public interviews.

Do these actions make sense?

Do these government actions help or hinder the health crisis?

Gross Violations of Basic Rights

Of course a pandemic calls for restriction. But when you see these particular restrictions - are they designed to protect us?

The New Normal

We're told we're "Never going back to normal". What will the "New Normal" look like?