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Deep Dives into the Corruption

Below is the statement of claim for a lawsuit launched against Canada’s COVID measures. It gives an incredibly well documented, full picture explanation of what we are seeing with these draconian measures, why they’re not based in science, and what the end goal is. Page 46 has a full COVID-19 timeline of events and is a good place to start reading.

What we are seeing is the cause of globalism. Globalism is a destructive movement that seeks to transform the free market, capitalist system into a socialist/marxist system, on a global scale. Learn more about globalism, and how you can fight it, through the Forum for Canadian Sovereignty and Global Research.

Corey’s Digs covers well referenced, deep dives into the corruption across government, media, and big business – and how it threatens our basic freedoms.

Daily News

The Gateway Pundit has done a good job calling out the craziest aspects of this pandemic.

Rebel News has done a good job exposing the Canadian government’s corruption and censorship, their lies about coronavirus border screening, as well as stories on the most egregious lockdown fines. They’ve also become something of a civil liberties association, with frequent lawsuits in support of press & individual freedoms.

The Epoch Times covers US, Canada, and World news, with a special focus on the Chinese Communist Party’s corruption and human rights violations.

Highlights on the craziest aspects of the lockdown, censorship, and left-wing culture.

Finding Information on Twitter

No account is needed, just search here:

Try searching the following hashtags as a starting point; from there you can find new hashtags and people to follow. You can then decide which information is worth looking into further.

There’s a flood of information out there – use your own judgement to evaluate the quality of the information and evidence.

You can also find information on these issues on twitter by following people with the word “patriot” in their name or bio. (Not counting football fans!)

French Content

ActuQC collects the most important news from both mainstream news sites and independent youtubers, covering news for Quebec, Canada, and the world.

Tools to Fight Censorship

Are you stuck with a dead link due to content being censored? Search the link in; you may be able to view an archived version. You can also specifically archive content that you are afraid may be censored. (Does not work for videos).

If the content wasn’t archived on, you may be able to find it here:

Download videos that may be removed from youtube using 4K Video Downloader.

Video being censored by youtube? Search for the video, or upload your own to one of the following free-speech focused sites:

Google is actively deranking and censoring information that goes against the approved narrative; search results on these topics are generally better in Duck Duck Go. Some users have also reported good results with Bing.