Censored Doctors

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We’re told to listen to doctors, scientists, and experts. So why are many doctors and scientists being censored by Google, Facebook, and Twitter? Why are unelected tech companies being given the power to decide which doctors can and can’t speak?

The institution of science relies on every scientist having the ability to share their findings; then every other scientist has the chance to evaluate, analyze, and scrutinize their work. Good and bad science is determined through open criticism and debate; the best work rises to the top. There is no central body that decides scientific truth. But Google, Facebook, and Twitter are deciding what scientists are allowed to speak, or not. This should be horrifying to anyone who values truth, transparency, and democracy.

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The CBC is being sued for refusing to cover doctors & scientists who speak against WHO recommendations

The lawsuit has been filed by Canadian constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati. In the statement of claim below, see page 18 for the statement about the CBC.

See pages 80 – 92 for statements from some of the thousands of doctors and scientists who oppose the COVID-19 measures.


2,000 Doctors in Germany Speak out against COVID-19 restrictions & the official WHO narrative

The doctors are launching an extra-parliamentary investigation into world governments’ draconian COVID-19 responses. (Their numbers have increased since this video & tweet.)

You can watch the organizations full length English videos here. Their videos are being actively censored from youtube.

On this German language web page, you can see the list of doctors and scientists, along with where they’re from. They’re being joined by professionals from around the world.

“Ärztin” and “arzt” means “doctor” in German.


America’s Frontline Doctors: “We have a cure”

A group of American doctors held a Capital Hill press conference in order to speak directly to politicians and the people. These are doctors from institutions like Yale and UCLA. Some of them have decades of experience practicing medicine. Some of them speak about their experience successfully treating hundreds of COVID-19 patients. They advocate against many of the measures being imposed on us, they share their data, and they even advocate for a cure – hydroxychloroquine – and argue how hydroxychloroquine’s safety and effectiveness has been intentionally misrepresented for political purposes.


These doctors should have been immediately contacted for collaboration, review, and scrutiny by doctors and scientists from every major institution around the world; every journalist should have been competing to interview them. Instead, these credentialed doctors who presented a solution to the world’s biggest crisis were banned from youtube & facebook after 17 million views. Donald Trump had tweeted about them – twitter deleted his tweet. Twitter also completely suspended Donald Trump Jr’s account for sharing the video.

So – American doctors sharing a solution to a health crisis, in a congress press conference, were silenced by unelected tech companies. These tech companies are even deciding what information the elected president can and can’t share with the American people. This is a report of the censorship here:

Here are the doctors’ response to being censored:


One of the doctors was fired for speaking out. This of course, will make other doctors think twice before speaking against these measures, even if their experience with patients and the scientific evidence makes them disagree. How many experts aren’t speaking because they are afraid of the consequences?

Judy A. Mikovits PhD – world reknowned HIV scientist & whistleblower

DOCTORS IN BLACK – PlanDemic, global plan to take control of our lives, liberty, health & freedom

In this essential documentary, Dr. Judy Mikovits exposes Big Pharma, Dr. Fauci, and explains why the COVID-19 vaccine is unlike any vaccine we’ve ever seen before. This video received over 1 million views on youtube before it was deleted.


This is an additional interview with Dr. Mikovits as the lockdown measures have continued.


NHS Staff Forbidden from Speaking about Coronavirus


Over 600 Doctors Send Letter Urging Trump to Reopen Economy

The doctors sent this letter in May. Read the original letter below.

Also reported on here: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/doctors-raise-alarm-about-health-effects-of-continued-coronavirus-shutdown

Doctors in Victoria, Australia, urge politicians to life lockdown restrictions

The doctors explain how the lockdown measures are destroying people’s health.

Also of note from the article: Victoria, Austrialia has seen 565 patients that have died either with COVID, or from COVID. Meanwhile, Victoria has seen 541 fewer flu deaths this July than last year.