Gross Violations of Basic Rights & Freedoms

  • Gross Violations of Basic Rights & Freedoms

Ask yourself: are these actions necessary and reasonable to fight a virus? Or is this about something else?

Spain has kept children locked indoors – not even allowed to go outside – for 5 weeks


We have basic protections that ensure that incarcerated criminals are guaranteed minimum time outside for fresh air, sunlight, and exercise. And yet, all Spanish children are denied that basic right?

Los Angeles fills Venice Skate Park with sand

If this is a deadly virus stopped by close contact with people, what’s the harm in skateboarding alone? The government lock-down has created a massive financial crisis, and they’re spending money to destroy a park!

“Social distancing” police fine man $1.2K for feeding homeless

From the Rebel

A man in Calgary was fined $1200 for feeding the homeless, outside. How is this fine about keeping people safe?

Excerpts from the video:

“The Friday that they showed up they announced that this gathering is illegal. That I am not essential services. Can you imagine, feeding the poor, mentally ill, people that are not allowed, that are barred from shelters, is not essential services, but EB Games is, liquor stores are, marijuana shops are, Walmart is essential services, but feeding poor suddenly is not.”

“I was surrounded by 12 officers, I mean, it was a scary experience, I’m telling you….they were ready to tackle me down.”

“I was told, I was threatened that if I ever show up again more is coming, up to 1 million dollars.”

See the full video with commentary here:

Excerpt: watch how the cop in this clips yells at the citizen to “stand back!”, as the cop gets in his face and pushes him. Is this stopping the spread of a virus or an excuse to impose control on citizens?

Retired carpenter fined $880 for taking the dog out

From The Rebel

A man in Sarnia, Ontario man went out to his apartment’s parking lot to take his dog out. After specifically avoiding the elevator in order to avoid people, he was greeted at his apartment by police with an $880 fine!

Corner store fined $780 after “failing” to implement COVID safety measures – 1 hour after being told about them

From the Rebel

Cell phone location data being used by governments to track “social distancing”

In Canada: Trudeau opted against it in March, but didn’t rule it out for future used.

And the city of Toronto doesn’t have their story straight on whether or not they’ve already started using cell phone location data to track where people are congregating.

Apple & Google are building contact tracking systems directly into their operating system.

We’re now being told to snitch on our neighbours.

What other governments in history made use of this strategy?

Limiting how often we can go to the grocery store – really?