Questions to Consider

  • Questions to Consider

Why is it safe to eat in a restaurant with your mask off, but it isn’t safe to walk into a restaurant or store without a mask?

If this virus is so deadly, why aren’t there biohazard bins for all the used masks & gloves?

Why are all the same politicians and celebrities who support lockdowns also supporting BLM protests/riots?

Why did Trudeau go to a BLM protest, standing packed in with the crowd, at the same time he was telling us it wasn’t safe to go to work or have a drink with our friends?

Why were small businesses told to close but big businesses were allowed to stay open?

Why are liquor stores and weed dispensaries considered essential and remained open, while dentists’ offices, schools, and churches were forced to close?

How come Trudeau never shut down flights from China?

Why are criminals being let out of jail “to fight covid” but citizens who go about their lives are arrested and put IN jail?

Why is it safe to wait in line at Walmart or the grocery store but we’re told it’s not safe to vote in person?

Why are we told cash is unsafe, but touching the keypad on the credit card machine is? Why is it unsafe for a waitress to handle cash but not dirty utensils that have been in people’s mouths?

Why were masks mandated when cases & deaths are the lowest they’ve been? If masks could have saved lives while officials were telling us not to wear them – who is getting fired for negligence?

Why do mask mandates allow you to use anything to cover your face, including scarves, bandannas, and home-made masks? Why aren’t there standards requiring only medical devices that have been scientifically tested?

Before COVID, old people and immosuppressed people were at risk of dying from the flu, SARS etc. Prior to COVID, did you ever hear about an old person or immunosuppressed person who practiced social distancing during flu season? Did you ever meet an old person or immunosuppressed person who wore a mask during flu season or during the SARS scare? Why not? Prior to COVID, were you ever asked to wear a mask in a nursing home during flu season? If these measures are only about preventing the spread of a virus, why haven’t we seen them used before on a small scale, eg for at-risk populations during flu season?

Why haven’t we heard about mass death rates among cashiers and essential workers?

We do we need to social distance when waiting in line for the bus or subway, but once we’re on the bus it’s ok to stand next to each other?