Repeating History

  • Repeating History

In Nazi Germany, Jews were forced to wear yellow stars, singling them out.

We’re now seeing calls for unvaccinated children to wear YELLOW BADGES to single them out as dangerous to go near.

Wikipedia: Auschwitz was originally a quarantine center

Australia has legislation to forcefully remove children from their homes and take them to a “quarantine” camp


If this seems unbelievable, watch a young Australian girl being choked by police for not wearing a mask:

Alberta has an “extraction plan” to send people to “isolation facilities”


The Nazis claimed that the Jews were spreading disease

“A recurrent theme in Nazi antisemitic propaganda was that Jews spread diseases.”

“To prevent non-Jews from attempting to enter the ghettos and from seeing the condition of daily life there for themselves, German authorities posted quarantine signs at the entrances, warning of the danger of contagious disease.”

It is not hard to isolate people and call for a suspension of civil liberties in the name of public health.

The Nazis made the Jews sick

The Nazis created conditions in the Jewish ghettos that were so bad, that the Jews did get sick, creating a self-fulfilling prophesy.

“Since inadequate sanitation and water supplies coupled with starvation rations quickly undermined the health of the Jews in the ghettos, these warnings became a self-fulfilling prophecy, as typhus and other infectious diseases ravaged ghetto populations. Subsequent Nazi propaganda utilized these man-made epidemics to justify isolating the “filthy” Jews from the larger population.”

We know that factors such as stress, anxiety, job loss, family stressors, disruptions to routine, and lack of fresh air, exercise, sunlight and social contact contribute to poor health. How does this compare to what we are experiencing with the response to COVID? How many people have become ill due to the stress created by the lockdown, restrictions, mask use, job loss, divorce, etc?

The world’s largest anti-lockdown protests have been by the children of Germans who lived under Hitler

If anyone can recognize what fascism looks like, it’s Germans who lived under Hitler just a generation ago. Protest number estimates are as high as 1.3 million.

Note: the media claims 20,000. (Read about media corruption here).

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