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To fight the “New Normal” and get involved in protests and activism, join the following groups. These groups are also a great place to learn more, since they share relevant news and research (they are updated with current news much more often than this site).

Anglophone Groups:

Most of the movement in Quebec is organized through francophone facebook groups with thousands of members (see below). The anglophone meetup group below is brand new, but will be promoting events from the more established francophone groups.

Call to Freedom Meetup

Montréal, QC
6 Members

We are a group dedicated to opposing the New Normal, opposing corruption, and protecting our rights and freedoms as Canadians.

Check out this Meetup Group →

Hugs Over Masks Montreal & Quebec does a festival every Sunday of likeminded people just enjoying being normal without masks or social distancing


Francophone Groups:

Appel à la Liberté (action citoyenne pacifique)


Appel à la liberté (site officiel)


Fondation pour la défense des droits et libertés du peuple


L’union des Gilets jaunes du Québec