The New Normal

  • The New Normal

Media reports over and over that we “are never going back to normal”, that we’ll have to accept a “New Normal” forever. Who benefits from the New Normal? Do governments gain new powers over citizens in the New Normal? Who makes money from the New Normal?

Reopening plans conceal one horrific change that will alter our lives forever:

Excellent analysis of the American reopening plans and how they define a new normal:

  1. Guidelines state that you can’t reopen if you have an uptick in corona virus cases OR flu – suggesting that this will be used to impose seasonal lockdowns every year, due to the flu.
  2. There’s no plan for getting out of the limitations of “phase 3 reopening”; there’s no plan for getting back to normal.

Calls for Mandatory Vaccination

Who benefits financially from mandatory vaccination? The Washington Times points to Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci; two people who have been calling for mandatory vaccination.

“The World Health Organization, UNICEF, the National institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have announced a collaboration to increase coordination across the international vaccine community and create a Global Vaccine Action Plan,” the Gates Foundation reported in a press release. “The collaboration follows the January 2010 call by Bill ad Melinda Gates for the next ten years to be the Decade of Vaccines.”

The “Decade of Vaccines?”

It’s a structured campaign. It includes a Leadership Council, a Steering Committee, an International Advisory Committee — and other bureaucratic so forths and so ons. But here’s an interesting link.

The Leadership Council “is comprised of … Dr. Anthony S. Fauci,” the Gates Foundation reported.

Fauci, the same guy who just set the stage for the dire need for a protective coronavirus vaccine, has a vested interest in seeing this vaccine come to fruition — come to widely administered fruition.

Even more importantly – see the truly Orwellian projects that Bill Gates has been working on and how that comes into play.

Calls for a completely cashless society

Most businesses are already forbidding or discouraging cash. COVID-19 is cited in the articles below as a reason to abolish cash.

Look up China’s social credit system and how the Chinese Communist Party has used the system to ban citizens who step out of line from making basic purchases such as train tickets. How much control will governments have over citizens when cash is no longer an option?

Covid-19, if anything, has been a “catalytic event” for cashless payments, which can rely on a digital currency.

Facebook’s Libra, for example, is “a very similar move”, Mr Wu told The National, and he predicted the digital token, backed by a basket of currencies, may gain traction with US legislators as the economy struggles amid the pandemic.

The novel coronavirus may fuel China’s rush toward becoming a cashless society.

Cash usage has been declining sharply during the epidemic. People mostly stay at home and rely on online channels like e-commerce and mobile payments. Experts urge that use of paper money and coins be reduced as the virus is feared to spread through physical contact.

Every purchase is tracked, there’s another opportunity for huge company to charge a fee on every transaction, and your freedom to spend or buy certain items can be “turned off” at any time. See how China has implemented their “Social Credit System” for reference.

Calls for “Immunity Passports” & Police Checks

Governments are claiming massive permanent control over citizens’ movement. We’ll be expected to answer the demand of “Papers! Papers!” just to leave the house.

The country has instituted a nationwide curfew, quarantines in the capital and other areas and highway checkpoints to limit travel, according to the Post.